Nationally Certified and Maryland State Licensed Laboratory Services

Located at each of the Maryland Oncology Hematology medical offices is a fully certified laboratory providing a wide range of services including phlebotomy and Hematology. MOH laboratories are staffed by highly qualified clinical laboratory technologists, technicians and support personnel who together perform thousands of testing procedures annually. Utilizing advanced technologies and sophisticated information management systems, MOH provides convenient access to essential laboratory services including immediate testing as patients’ needs arise and accurate, timely reporting of results.

MOH laboratories are certified through the federal government’s Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) program and licensed by the state of Maryland.

The time period required for processing and receiving test results may vary. Your physician will review your results as soon as they become available, and discuss with you during your next visit. If any of your test results indicate a condition requiring immediate attention, your physician or nurse will contact you immediately.