Health Insurance Update

It’s Open Enrollment time! Please make sure your Maryland Oncology Hematology team is aware of any changes to your medical insurance so that we can avoid delays in your care.


We are here to support you as you make choices or changes, whether is due to Medicare or Medicaid plans revisions, a new job with new insurance coverage, or other updates in your coverage. It is very important that you share any insurance coverage updates with the care team at your clinic so that we can plan ahead for any administrative requirements to continue your care.


Your Patient Benefits Representative will update your coverage in our system to ensure a smooth transition. This is critical, as many of the treatments you receive require prior authorization from the insurance company. Providing the team with your new insurance information gives us a head start on authorizing your care for the coming year, which will help prevent delays.


No change in your coverage is too small,  please share them all – Including, but not limited to: moving from one Medicare replacement plan to another, moving from Traditional Medicare to a replacement plan, change in commercial plans,  changes in the ID number, and/or group number,  or changes in your name or employer.


Thank you for trusting Maryland Oncology Hematology team with your care.