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On-Site Teams

Your Research Site Managers

Maggie Johannesen, B.S.

Research Site Manager

Rockville, Frederick, Wheaton

I began working as a Site Initiation Coordinator and, after gaining some experience, became a Contract Negotiator and then later worked with patients at USF.  When my husband and I moved back to the North East in 2011, I started working for MOH, adding up to 13 years of clinical research experience.  What keeps me motivated in my current role is feeling like I can contribute to a patient’s care and quality of life during their cancer journey. As a CRC I spent a lot of time with our patients and was able to make connections with them and their whole family. As a site manager, I get to assist the local research team in doing the same.

Teresa Saavedra

Clinical Research Supervisor and Coordinator

Columbia, Brandywine, Clinton, Lanham, Bethesda

My career in hematology and oncology began in 2004, with my start in research dating back to 2010.  At MOH, I am responsible for the coordination of study related procedures ranging from recruitment, educating patients, training other clinical staff members on the study, and providing support to Primary Investigators.   As a site manager and supervisor, I strive to maintain excellency among all of the research staff in their dealings with patients and each other. I am captivated by the science behind clinical trials, and find joy knowing that I am doing something today to potentially help millions tomorrow. 



Imaan Khan, M.D.

Clinical Research Coordinator


I got my start in clinical research in psychiatric clinical trials, moving to Oncology research when I came to Maryland. Being a CRC entails a lot of patient and physician face time. This includes screening patients for trial enrollment, helping them to enroll and stay informed, and educating all team members on the trial protocols. The job is challenging, so it’s necessary to work as a team.  It’s imperative we all work together to improve the quality of life for our patients and reveal scientific breakthroughs.

Kevin Maguire, B.S.

Clinical Research Coordinator


I have seven years of clinical experience starting in John Hopkins, then transferring to research at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research and MOH.  In my current position with MOH I determine subject eligibility for clinical trials, provide oversight for patients on clinical trials, assure protocol compliance, and help educate staff on research related procedures.  I enjoy working with patients and having the ability to provide cutting edge, potentially life-saving treatment modalities for patients. 

Nabeel K Qureshi, M.P.H, M.B.B.S

Clinical Research Coordinator 

Bethesda, Rockville

My interest in research started in 2012 when I started working on my master’s thesis, and since then expanded to areas of research from social epidemiology to Cognitive Psychiatry until finally taking up oncology research, providing me four years of experience. I focus my efforts on individual patient interaction to improve the overall research quality, patient experience, and data.  I am now privileged to be the part of MOH and enjoy my day to day activities which are unpredictable, challenging and interesting. 

Nick Pirolli, B.S.

Clinical Research Coordinator


I have 10 combined years of clinical, laboratory and research experience, having worked at the National Cancer Institute and the Washington Adventist Hospital. As a Clinical Research Coordinator at MOH, I am responsible for assuring protocol compliance and determining eligibility for patients in clinical trials, as well as educating staff in research study protocols. I find my work fulfilling by providing advanced, potentially life-saving treatment options to patients that would be unable to receive these treatments without clinical research trials.


Sarah Evans, B.S., A.D. Nursing

Clinical Research Coordinator


I began my career as a Research Technician and an RN in various facilities.  After first working for Maryland Oncology Hematology as an Infusion Nurse, I became a Clinical Research Coordinator to work with the physicians to identify appropriate studies for patients, and to guide patients through the research process. I love getting to work with patients and getting to participate in the exciting world of research. I truly feel like I am helping to make a difference in the lives of patients, as well receiving a glimpse of the future of cancer care and treatment.


Zara Necesario, B.S. Nursing

Clinical Research Coordinator

Silver Spring

I began working as a Research Assistant in 2006 and a Research Nurse in 2008.  I then became a Med-Surg Nurse at MedStar Harbor Hospital in 2010 working in Oncology. Being a Nurse Clinical Research Coordinator allows me to help the patients personally and directly, while also providing study information to all involved parties involved and searching for more participants for our trials. Oncology holds a special place in my heart, and being able to provide advanced treatment options to cancer patients gives me a purpose and fulfillment in life.

Jade Pacaanas, B.A. Nursing

Clinical Research Coordinator

Silver Spring

My clinical research career started in Phase I research as a research associate.  My CRC experience began in 2014 working in Phase 2-3 hepatitis & GI clinical trials.  There, I learned about the regulatory, laboratory and data management aspects of clinical research that I apply to my job with MOH. I continue to learn and grow in my position here to optimize my patient care.  I like being a part of a patient’s journey and hope that I can make their experience as seamless as possible. In the future, I plan on pursuing my BSN.

Rhani Pflaum, B.S

Data Coordinator

Wheaton, Bethesda

I began my research career in 2016 at a Phase 1 unit that focused on studies with healthy volunteers.  However, I was occasionally assigned to work with patients and I truly enjoyed it.  I joined the team at Maryland Oncology Hematology not only to have more patient interaction, but also because cancer has impacted people that I am close to.  Being a Data Coordinator allows me to participate in the development of future treatments as well as help those touched by cancer.

Xavier Price-Kirkham, B.S.

Data Coordinator

Columbia, Brandywine, Clinton, Lanham

I have three years of experience working on clinical trials.  As a Data Coordinator, my role is to collaborate with various sponsors to ensure that the data collection process is conducted in the highest manner. Being a data coordinator allows me to really sink my teeth into oncology in a meaningful manner. Without clinical trials and the data they provide, scientific advancement would cease to exist. Being a vital component of this process makes me feel a sense of gratitude that I am helping in the advancement of science.

Jennifer Cipriano, B.A.

Clinical Research Coordinator

Brandywine, Clinton, Lanham

I began working in medical oncology in 2011 and then specialized in Oncology Clinical Research in 2015.  I am responsible for the management of multiple clinical trials to ensure we adhere to good clinical practices and ensure the scientific integrity of data and protect the rights, safety, and wellbeing of patients who enroll.  I enjoy the patient interaction as well as the advancement of science and being able to tailor patients care to their specific disease characteristics.