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Clinical Trials Research

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As a member of US Oncology Research, Maryland Oncology Hematology is pleased to provide our patients access to cutting-edge and innovative clinical trials in a comfortable and convenient setting. US Oncology Research has contributed to 85 FDA-approved cancer therapies, approximately one-third of all FDA-approved oncology therapies.

One of the largest and most reputable community-based research networks in the world, US Oncology Research specializes in Phase I–IV oncology clinical trials and has participated in over 1,600 investigator-initiated and sponsor-initiated trials since its inception, with more than 300 oncology clinical trials in progress at a time. The program brings innovative therapies and clinical trials to practices and patients in communities across the nation to help advance the science of cancer care while offering the best possible treatments and improved patient outcomes.

Clinical Trials Research

Clinical Trials at Maryland Oncology Hematology

We are dedicated to advancing cancer care by leading and participating in clinical trials that test the safety and efficiency of new or modified treatments. These trials help uncover new treatment options and give many patients the opportunity to receive newly developed therapies or investigational drugs not yet available outside the study.

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