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Maryland Oncology Hematology is a guest on Great Day Washington

Dr. Surupa Sen Gupta and Dr. Colette Magnant represented Maryland Oncology Hematology on Great Day Washington to explain the importance of screenings, self-exams, and living a healthy lifestyle for breast cancer awareness month.



Stop Breast Cancer For Life

As we approach breast cancer awareness month tomorrow Maryland Oncology Hematology is proud to be partnering with Lifetime and The Breast Cancer Research Foundation for their 27th year of “Stop Breast Cancer for Life.”

Our lives have changed, but what hasn’t is our fight against breast cancer. Lifetime has proudly supported breast cancer research for over 25 years. Get information on mammograms during COVID-19, read personal breast cancer stories, watch thriver videos, find resources, and more with our features below. Link: https://www.mylifetime.com/stop-breast-cancer-for-life




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